What is The Tire Tag?

The Tire Tag parking enforcement system was created to offer the parking industry an alternative enforcement solution that was stricter than paper citations, but not as aggressive as towing or booting.  

How it works

Violator parks their vehicle where they are not allowed to. No Parking Zone, Handicapped Parking, Fire Zone, Reserved/Permit Parking.

How it works

Violator parks their vehicle where they are not allowed to. No Parking Zone, Handicapped Parking, Fire Zone, Reserved/Permit Parking.

Enforcement agent “tags” the vehicle with a device and decal, then enters the violation information into the system portal.

Violator then goes to TheTireTag.com to enter the device serial number located on The Tire Tag, along with debit/credit card information into our online payment platform. Once the payment is processed, the release code is given to remove the device.

Why TAG?

The Tire Tag sets the standard for parking
enforcement through consistency, efficiency and improving public perception by reducing confrontation.

 Just drop off the removed device to any one of the marked drop boxes found nearby within 24 hours to avoid an additional fee.


  • Save time and money
  • Lower your liability
  • Take a non-confrontational approach



Confrontation: The Tire Tag is removed and returned to a drop box by the violator after the payment is made, which eliminates confrontation between the enforcement agent and violator. 
Labor Costs, Time Savings & Efficiency:



The enforcement agent tags the violating vehicle in less than 2 minutes. The violator pays immediately. No time spent collecting fines. 

Device Limitations & Portability:



Applicators can easily transport dozens of Tire Tag devices in their vehicles. The Tire Tag device fits on most any vehicle. 

Ongoing Expenses:



The Tire Tag Company replaces any non returned or non functional devices.


Simplifying the status quo:

Applicator notified of repeat violators or previous violations.


Aesthetics: Discreet device that does not embarrass the violator


“We have tried many enforcement solutions and the Tire tag put them all to shame. The system is very effective, easy to use, and their support is second to none. I can honestly say that I am grateful that we found the Tire Tag.”

Tylar M

Owner, Shoreline Parking Solutions

“From the very start, The Tire Tag has been a great and easy company to work with. The ease of use for the devices from an applicator standpoint is bar none. If I were to do it over again, I would still choose to use The Tire Tag.”

Jordan A

Director of Parking Division, American Parking

“TireTag has revolutionized our immobilization operations. Gone are the days of grappling with a cumbersome, costly, and logistical nightmare of an immobilization solution. Ever since we discovered TireTag, our operations have experienced a complete transformation, enabling us to effortlessly implement the technology across over 40 properties. The simplicity and efficiency of their solution have been nothing short of a game-changer for us!

Kelly M

Operations, AirGarage

I recommend The Tire Tag to anyone without hesitation and with confidence. Bart and I’s relationship began early in the construction phase of his company. Bart has always been engaged and patient as we worked through any sort of obstacles. The Tire Tag system effectively takes the hands on to hands off! It’s much safer and more economic.”

Flagstaff, AZ

Want to use The Tire Tag?

If you are interested in incorporating The Tire Tag into your parking enforcement system, please contact our Sales Department at richard@thetiretag.com.

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