What is

The Tire Tag?

If you find The Tire Tag on your vehicle, you are in violation of stated parking ordinances. While this device does not immobilize the vehicle, it is strongly recommended that you do not drive until the device is removed. In an emergency situation, call 911.

Removal in 3 Steps…

#1  Call our Toll Free # (877) 738-8473 and provide the serial number found on The Tire Tag.


Pay Your Ticket

#2  When prompted, provide your credit card info to pay your ticket.

Drop off The Tire Tag

#3  After payment, you will be given the passcode to remove the device.   Drop The Tire Tag in any one of the marked boxes found around the parking lot within 24 hours so that you are not charged additional fees.



Want to use The Tire Tag?

If you are interested in incorporating The Tire Tag into your parking enforcement system. Please submit your contact details below and we will contact you directly.

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