Security Deposit Refund Policy

In addition to the violation amount owed, each violator will be required to pay an additional $60 refundable security deposit for the Tire Tag device. The violator will have 24 hours from the time they receive the combination to unlock the Tire Tag device to return the device, undamaged to the Tire Tag Dropbox located on the physical parking lot in which they received the violation. If the violator returns the device, undamaged within 24 hours, then their $60 security deposit will be refunded as a credit back to the card they originally paid with, within 7 business days of the device being returned. If the violator does not return the device to the Tire Tag Dropbox within 24 hours of receiving the combination or returns the device damaged, then their $60 security deposit will be forfeited and those funds will be used to purchase a replacement device.